Interview with Neil Fallon this weekend on Grip of Delusion radio


This weekend we have a very special feature on the program – an interview with Clutch‘s Neil Fallon. This makes us very happy because Clutch is one of the most rocking rock bands in the world today, you know that?

So tune in this Saturday @8pm EST/ 2am CET or Sunday @4pm EST/ 10pm CET for a repeat.

The interview was conducted in the summer before Clutch’s show in Zagreb and was originally posted this Tuesday on Sofia Live. It is not edited on purpose and you’re going to hear bottles’ rattling, fans taking pictures, people speaking in strange languages and birthday wishes. Special THANK YOU goes to Ivaylo Alexandrov (of the best rawk’n’roll promoter Rawk’n’Roll – the ‘pass-me-that-bottle’ webzine) who allowed us to air this interview.

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Sunday and NEW stream address. Please update your players!

Just a reminder that we have awesome shows scheduled for today, starting with Atom Heart Mutha (Geoff is going to chat with you via the Chat tab on our site) and continuing with two new volumes of Into The Void Radio, new Black Sun of the South, replay of Fistful of DOOM and LIVE broadcast of Doomed & Stoned show.

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Weekend schedule and new chat room!

This is this weekend’s schedule and just in case you haven’t noticed we have a chat room – you can access by clicking the Chat tab in the right upper corner and then think of a user name you want to use and press enter. Geoff will be there for you during the Atom Heart Mutha show on Sunday and maybe some other DJs could join during the weekend. Thanks for listening!


Would you like to give us some feedback?

We are having a heart-to-heart talk here in the Grip of Delusion radio crew, discussing things like the appreciation or the ignorance (there is more of this) we get from promo people, labels and bands, the things that discourage us or motivate us to continue.

So I’d like to ask what is it that you, the listener, like and don’t like about us being us? What can we do to improve the experience of listening to the radio and why you would listen music on You Tube instead of any given internet station (because there are other great stations over there, you know). Why would you or would you not recommend us to your friends? I think we need any feedback right at this moment. Please comment here or e-mail me at godrsubmit at gmail dot com.

Thank you!

PS I really don’t like this kind of feminist talk, not that this is so important, but Vania is a female, so are some of the DJ’s. We understand things about heavy music too and can make our own judgment about what is good and what is not. Just saying.

Happy birthday to us!

So, Grip of Delusion radio turns 5 today.

Guess this is one of these moments where you say thank you – to all supporters, listeners, bands, PR’s and labels who are sending music but also to all haters (we know there were few of these too) – to each person who wasn’t indifferent during the years. Special thank you to Jeremy Famir who is gracing our web presence with his art and to the DJ’s who allow us to play their shows.

Help us celebrate by tuning in. We hope you enjoy the ride!


Greetings doomers and gloomers! This weekend’s schedule….

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