It’s this time of the week….

…….when you can enjoy the best shows and podcasts around in just one place – check out the weekend schedule – whatever you chose you won’t get disappointed. We have heavy music maniacs from all over the world playing heavy music from all over the world and all this is ads free, on just a few clicks  of your mouse. Enjoy while we’re adding some more pretty amazing music to the server.

To those who would chose to spend the day or part of it listening to Grip of Delusion radio – it is not possible to say how much we appreciate it!

You can listen via the player on the left, take us with you on your smartphone or tablet via or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address:


Jeremy Famir’s art

If you haven’t checked Jeremy Famir‘s art yet, please do it. He has plans of doing his own brand of t-shirts but I don’t know where he is with it. And perhaps he could be of help for your albums artwork or t-shirt design.

Gary did this collage with Jeremy’s artwork for the radio, he’s still and always be the proud dad!

 Gary says: During my tenure at Grip Of Delusion Radio, a very cool artist by the name of Jeremy Famir would send me pictures of the art he made while listening in. Jump a few years later, he sent me some of the original art after I sent him some of the T-shirts that we used his art for. I didn’t know what to do with it all until recently when I decided to put them all in a collage. The frame I had was bigger than the pictures, so I took the liberty of printing out a few other choice favorites and adding them in to fill it all up. Thanks for everything Radim Duda.

You can check out all of his art at:



Today: Wino mixtape replay 3pm EST/ 9pm CET

Wino_Card_2Friday is here and as promised we’re going to replay Grip of Delusion Curated Playlists: Vol. 5 WINO at 3pm EST/ 9pm EST. Here’s the track list:

1.Three man army- Polecat Woman
2.Three Man Army- Butter Queen
3.Bang – Slow Down
4.Bang- Last Will And Testament
5.Left End – Spoiled Rotten
6.Force- Two bit romance
7.Sheavy – Sea of tomorrow
8.Deep Purple – Fools
9.Motorhead – I wont step down
10.Johnny Winter – All tore down
11.Humble Pie- Stone Cold Fever
12.Joy Division- Sound of Music
13.Dead Boys – Aint it Fun
14.Rolling Stones – Hand of Fate
15.Blue Oyster Cult – Hot Rails to Hell
16.Captain Beyond – Mesmerization Eclipse
17.Govt Mule- Rockin Horse
18.Clutch – Prophets of Doom
19.Type O Negative- White slavery
20.Jimi Hendrix Experience- I dont live today
21.Queen – Get Down Make Love
22.Budgie – In for the kill
23.Judas Priest – Call for the priest / Raw deal
24.Trapeze – Way Back to the Bone
25.Dust – Suicide
26.Slow Horse – Wicked Games
27.America – Sandman
28.Sugartooth – Sold my fortune
29.Danzig – Under Her Black Wings
30.Place of Skulls – The Watchers
31.Melvins – Night Goat
32.Dirty Tricks – Back off Evil
33.Robert Fripp – Exposure
34.Budgie – Homicidal Suicidal

It was not possible to include Left End – End of My Rope and Reactor- Black Sheep but Mr. Weinrich chose them to be part of it.  Anyway, enjoy what we have!



Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Ep. 5 this Sunday on Grip of Delusion radio


Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Ep. 5 is on the way! Tune in and listen this Sunday at 8am EST/ 2pm CET only on Grip of Delusion radio.


  1. Unsane – Out
  2. Acid Bath – Paegan Love Song
  3. Black Breath – I am Beyond
  4. Spirit Caravan – Lost Sun Dance
  5. (the) Melvins – Little Judas Chongo
  6. Buzz*oven – Crawl Away
  7. Pentagram – Review Your Choices
  8. Sixty Watt Shaman – Poor Robert Henry
  9. Napalm Death – Cesspits
  10. Steel Pole Bathtub – Friday
  11. Seven Sisters of Sleep – Moths
  12. Fudge Tunnel – Creep Diets
  13. Thou – Helen Hill will have her revenge on New Orleans
  14. Crumbsuckers – Bullshit Society
  15. Wizard Eye – In Defiance of Augury
  16. Foghound – Gotta Go
  17. In the Company of Serpents – Breed Consume Die
  18. Solace – Try
  19. Nails – Wide open Wound
  20. Corrections House – Last City Zero
  21. Grief – I Hate You
  22. Nuclear Assault – New Song
  23. Sovereign – Ride the Nether
  24. 1000 Mods – Road to Burn
  25. Earthride – Mr. Green
  26. Meatjack – Sleep
  27. RHIN – Bull Doze
  28. Angels of Meth – Linesweeper
  29. Zoroaster – White Dwarf
  30. Crowbar – …And Suffer As One
  31. The Heavy Eyes – These Men Are Wolves
  32. Acid Witch – Evil
  33. Black Flag – Three Nights
  34. Weedeater – Jason…The Dragon
  35. Mule – Now I truly Understand
  36. Pulling Teeth – At Peace(Funerary)
  37. Agents of Oblivion – Endsmouth
  38. Brutal Truth – God Player

Grip of Delusion radio Mixcloud

You can listen to all guest playlists so far as well as Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault episodes on our mixcloud page. Expect new Rev. Jim’s mixtape this coming Sunday at 8am EST/ 2pm CET only on Grip of Delusion radio.

And if you haven’t checked Sounds From The Balkan Underground, do it. We’ll soon announce details on the Sounds From The UK Underground, you should know what scene we’re talking about there….


We Hate Mondays But Fortunately We Have Sundays


What you can listen today on Grip of Delusion radio? Like in a real radio station, Chris and Billy are going to play tunes for you in real time, each from his part of the world (Athens, Greece and Eugene, US that is). Check out the schedule for play times.

At 8am EST/ 2pm CET a heavy guest steps in – Wino was extremely kind to take the time and create a mixtape for the radio. What is in there? Tune in and you’ll be enlightened!

Into The Void provides another special – Anthrax rifflord Scott Ian talks about why he is travelling the world just to talk, about his book and about the best of times and the worst of times of Anthrax. Magnus says he plays the soundtrack to the apocalyps in the second hour of the show and we believe him!

Gruesome Tunes features……. there’s just hit and never miss in it so you should simply listen. The same with The Soggy Bog, The Forrest Floor and Crestfallen replays.

You can listen via the player on the left, take us with you on your smartphone or tablet via or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address:



The weekend is almost here!

There are many ways to listen music on the internet so we thank you if Grip of Delusion radio is one of your preferred methods. Hope you enjoy it.

Don’t forget that each weekend we have some very cool people who have the knowledge and the passion to choose the music for you. If you think this is an easy job we challenge you to try to do it even for a month….. This Sunday Mr. Scott “Wino” Weinrich will join at 8am EST/ 2pm CET (only in spirit but with a terrific mixtape) and the rest of the 48 hours is filled with a good amount of heavy sonic excellency. So why not check out the schedule and tune in at some point?

Here’s what to listen: and you can listen through the player on the left, take us with you on your smartphone or tablet via or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address:


Grip of Delusion radio presents Curated Playlists Vol.5: WINO


Yes, that’s right, and we are super stoked and overly excited that Wino agreed to do this mixtape for Grip of Delusion radio! The track list is going to remain a secret, but you can be sure that apart from being able to make good music, the man has a great taste as well. Not that anyone should have doubts about it!

Tune in to Grip of Delusion radio this Sunday Jan 18th at 8am EST/ 2pm CET. This may be too early for some but we promise to make it up to you.

You can listen here on, on your smartphone or tablet via the TuneIn App or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address:

Special thank you to Jim Forrester who made this possible.


The Sunday continues….


The Sunday Jan 11th program continues with a big Bonehawk special on Into The Void podcast! And there’s a lot more coming after that:

11am EST/ 5pm CET Into The Void (SWE)
1pm EST/ 7pm CET The Soggy Bog of Doom (US)
4pm EST/ 10pm CET The Forest Floor (US)
6pm EST/ 12am CET Gruesome Tunes (CA)
8pm EST/ 2am CET Doomed & Stoned (US) (LIVE)
10pm EST/ 4am CET Crestfallen Radio (US)

Tune in via the player on the top left or or use winamp,vlc or foobar with the stream address: