Doom Is On The Radio!


Check out the schedule HERE and visit the Shows page to find out more about each show. In the program today:

Into The Void’s Volume 21 can be viewed as a tribute to the mixtape and contains tracks by bands such as Moon Coven, IAmFire, Dorthia Cottrell, Hearts of Black Science, Monolord, Europe (that’s right), COC, Mondo Drag, Entombed, Bathory, A Swarm of The Sun, Danzig, Kylesa, etc.

Hopefully Bob will return soon with new shows but until then we have some repeats of the Soggy Bog of Doom on Sundays. They’re always a treat.

The Forest Floor today is episode 14 repeat featuring Chowder, Drainland,  Envy,  Mastodon, Sea Bastard,  Dirtyblood,  Muffx, Thumb, Egypt, Dead Meadow, A Storm Of Light, Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Lost Goat, Secrets Of The Sky, Grief, Curse The Son, Stonewall Noise Orchestra, Place of Skulls.

At the same bat channel and at the same bat time as always, episode 153 of Gruesome Tunes features tunes from YOB, Wino, Eyehategod,  Kylesa and more.

Doomed & Stoned LIVE today is a SXSW showcase.  Featuring brand new tracks by Kadavar, Elder, Ruby the Hatchet, and more.  Billy’s also be eyeing several newcomers coming to the always hotly anticipated Austin, Texas fest. Plus this week’s scene spotlight is Brazil!

Don’t be a loser (as in don’t miss the shows) and tune in!



What’s on this Saturday on Grip of Delusion radio

Getting ready for the weekend show time here on Grip of Delusion radio. Check out the schedule and here are some of the highlights for this Saturday: The Electric Beard of Doom is back after a couple of months plus:

The guy from The HMD Radio show is drinking beer EVERY time he’s recording his show. Not sure if he’s doing so in this week’s edition too but he’s playing some hefty tunes from the likes of Black Sabbath, Baroness, Battles, Bad Brains, Big Business, Blue Cheer, Bad News, Bloody Hammers, Bongripper, Bolt Thrower, Brains, Bang, Black Flag,  Black Cobra

The Wicked Lady Show # 81 featurs tracks by Legalize Crime, Moosataur. Velvet Robe, Hellhookah, Doomraiser, Rahburt Price, Skeletons, The Midnight Ghost Train, Shepherd and Elbrus.

Wake Up At The Other Side of The Universe is playing songs from You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons, Hooded Menace, Dragonauta and more.

This week’s volume of Pull the Legs Off the Spider, Tear the Wings Off the Fly is called Asian Armageddon! It features bands exclusively from Asia and the far East in particular: Dhidalah, King’s Evil, Oath, Brob, Khola Cosmica, High Rise, Coffins, Veritas Conc.75,  Aohen, Su19b, Fetus Slicer, Dot[.], Begräbnis, 切れ痔のヨーゼフ / Joseph of Kirezi, Abolition A.D, Gonguri 공구리, ANATOMIA, Sonic Flower, Sithter!

And because you need a rest from the whole doom/ sludge/ stoner thing Best Table in Hell is here for you and playing Crossover, Punk/Metal, Thrash sort of stuff this week .

The Very Heavy Uncle Show ends it all with: (quote)OPETH! The Devil reveals his college major! MESSENGER! How to ignore a new roommate! ORCHID! New Feature: Audrey’s World Series Of Heavy Listeners! LUNATIC SOUL! A convent full of nun jokes! HAWKWIND! Korea makes monster movies? FLYING COLORS! Comedy from EDDIE GRIFFIN! And more!(end of quote)

Guess Super Rock Sunday and Amplifier Worship are going to surprise you so you need to tune to know what we’ve got from them. You can do so 24/7 seven days a week.


This week’s additions to the station

Latest aditions to our rotation include new Mos Generator/ Daily Thompson split, Australia’s Child, Canada’s Norilsk, UK’s XII Boar, Jungfrau and Diesel King, India’s Shepherd, New Zealand’s Spook the Horses, Greece’sProfound Sleep and Kevel, Finland’s Burweed, US’ ABSTRACTER. Great stuff coming out later this month from Nomadic Rituals/ TOME vinyl split – real DIY and work of art! and new Near Grey.

Again thanks to all the bands, labels and PR companies who send us music so you can listen it on the radio. Also, big thank you to all the listeners (coming from 77 different countires in the last 7 days!). Grip of Delusion Radio is on 24/7, seven days a week at