Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Ep. 7 playlist

Today we play episode 7 of Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault.


Here is what Jim chose for today:

Buzzoven – I don’t Like You
Napalm Death – Stunt Your Growth
Raw Radar War – Your Prime Directive
Sunburster – Loose Morals
Ufomammut – Plouton
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth – I Am
Vultures at Arms Reach – Dust
Ruby the Hatchet – Heavy Blanket
The Body + Thou – Beyond the Realms of Dream…
Pulling Teeth – Paranoid Delusions
Molior Superum – Eyes in Orbit
Fudge Tunnel – Hate Song
Punch – Positively God Free
Elder – Dead Weight
Dorthia Cottrell – Vessel
Fulgora – Meridian
Nails – The Arches of Intolerance
Pallbearer – Fear and Fury
Cowards – Shame Along Shame
Brainoil – Inherit the Rejection of Stasis
Spirit Caravan – The Elusive Truth
Crowbar – Embracing Emptiness
Sixty Watt Shaman – Nomad
Godflesh – Love is a Dog from Hell
Royal Thunder – Time Machine
Torche – Minions
Melvins – A History of Bad Men
The Midnight Ghost Train – Gladstone
Eyehategod – The Age of Bootcamp
Acid King – Red River
Cro-Mags – Hard Times
Acid Bath – God Machine
Neurosis – To What End?
Scratch Acid – Mary had a Little Drug Problem
Watchtower – Radiant Moon
Weedeater – It is What it Is
Dead Boy and The Elephantmen – Stop, I’m Already Dead
Napalm Death – Smear Campaign


A short guide on what Grip of Delusion radio is and what it is not.

Now, we’ve said all that before but it needs repeating:

Dear bands and guys in bands and everyone who cares to read,

– Grip of Delusion radio is a 24/7 radio station, not a show. If you say “I like your show very much” we know you’re lying and you don’t really know who you’re contacting. We do have excellent shows on the weekend program though.

– Grip of Delusion radio is kind of a niche radio station. Though not that strictly observed as a rule, this station was started like that and we play mostly music that falls into sludge, doom, stoner, psychedelic, heavy rock and everything in between cathegory. We may occasionally play something different.

– Grip of Delusion doesn’t offer the album review “service”. Sorry. We don’t have the resource and we’re a radio station. If you think radio is not worth the effort , check your press list again.

– If you just send us a you tube or other link and ask us to check your band, we’ll do it but there’s not much more we can do about it. We are not going to share it on our social media pages, nothing personal. We are radio station and we prefer to promote the music (or news, see the next paragraph) we get send via the station.

– If you send mp3’s and we like the music, we’ll play it and it doesn’t matter how popular you are so you don’t need to impress us by the quotes you get from other media. We stopped offering other promotional opportunities because, though we’re offering them for free, most of you are too lazy to do what we ask you to do to promote yourself. Perhaps you thinks the radio is not worth the effort? Then why contact us?


– We can’t give you playlists and we can’t say when we play your track. We don’t program the station the way commercial stations do. We may put something on heavy rotation if we like you a lot or if you have a record coming out and make some effort, but the rest is up to the Auto DJ and this is the most interesting part of the station – you don’t know what comes next. Deal with it.

– For any questions and contact please don’t use the facebook page, we have an e-mail. Check out the submissions page.

Thanks to everyone who support the station by tuning in, mentioning, or sending tunes. We don’t say that often but we do appreciate it a lot!


Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Vol. 7 this Sunday! Plus schedule changes

In addition to the usual aural awesomeness provided by our DJ’s and podcasters, this weekend you’ll get even better treatment because Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Vol. 7 is here! Tune in on Sunday at 8pm EST/ 1pm CET only on Grip of Delusion radio.

There is also a slight change in the schedule – from now on CrestfallenRadio (thanks Kevin!!!!) will be aired at 1pm EST while The Soggy Bog goes from 10pm EST.

Listen via the player at, on your smartphone or tablet via or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address:


Weekend show schedule March 21-22

Not sure what to do during the weekend? Don’t know what to listen? Want to hear new music or old favourites? Surely don’t want to spend the whole weekend scrolling down your fb feed? Spotify plays you annoying ads of the new *put any name that doesn’t interest you here* record?

Grip of Delusion radio 24/7 ads-free program and dedicated DJ’s may or may not be the answer. Decide for yourself. Weekend show schedule and how to listen can be found on our website, you can even take us for a walk in the park on your mobile. Stay cool and thanks for listening!

*consider one hour earlier for the CET times because of the summer daylight saving time still not being in effect in Europe this week


H42 Records week on Grip of Delusion radio

H42 Records week starting today on Grip of Delusion radio. You can listen their latest releases: ENOS/ Mangoo, Mos Generator/ Daily Thompson and Karma to Burn/ Sons of Alpha Centauri (Official) 7″ splits and Deep Aeon debut more often than anything else on the station – not too often so you don’t get bored, but often enough to hopefully get you hooked.

Visit H42 Records site: