Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Ep. 7 on mixcloud


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Buzzoven – I don’t Like You
Napalm Death – Stunt Your Growth
Raw Radar War – Your Prime Directive
Sunburster – Loose Morals
Ufomammut – Plouton
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth – I Am
Vultures at Arms Reach – Dust
Ruby the Hatchet – Heavy Blanket
The Body + Thou – Beyond the Realms of Dream…
Pulling Teeth – Paranoid Delusions
Molior Superum – Eyes in Orbit
Fudge Tunnel – Hate Song
Punch – Positively God Free
Elder – Dead Weight
Dorthia Cottrell – Vessel
Fulgora – Meridian
Nails – The Arches of Intolerance
Pallbearer – Fear and Fury
Cowards – Shame Along Shame
BrainOil – Inherit the Rejection of Stasis
Spirit Caravan – The Elusive Truth
Crowbar – Embracing Emptiness
Sixty Watt Shaman – Nomad
Godflesh – Love is a Dog from Hell
Royal Thunder – Time Machine
Torche – Minions
Melvins – A History of Bad Men
The Midnight Ghost Train – Gladstone
Eyehategod – The Age of Bootcamp
Acid King – Red River
Cro-Mags – Hard Times
Acid Bath – God Machine
Neurosis – To What End?
Scratch Acid – Mary had a Little Drug Problem
Watchtower – Radiant Moon
Weedeater – It is What it Is
Dead Boy and The Elephantmen – Stop, I’m Already Dead
Napalm Death – Smear Campaign


Gruesome Tunes Episode 160 available for download

Last episode of Gruesome Tunes is now available for download at the following location:

04/19/15 PLAYLIST
16 – Her Little “Accident” (Deep Cuts from Dark Clouds) 4:16
Rwake – Or Die (Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness) 7:38
Kings Destroy – Casse-Tete (A Time of Hunting) 6:57
Red Fang – Hank is Dead (Murder the Mountains) 2:36
Mars Red Sky – Arcadia (Stranded in Arcadia) 5:57
U.D.O. – Pain Man (Rev-Raptor) 3:53

Run After To – Occultism (Gjinn and Djinn) 4:27
Earthen Grave – Earthen Grave (self-titled) 7:54
Black Shape of Nexus – 14d (Negative Black) 11:27
Greenleaf – The Drum (Trails and Passes) 2:55
Church of Misery – One Blind Mice [Quartermass cover] (Thy Kingdom Scum) 3:30

Bovine – Ghost Chair (The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire) 4:02
Denizen – Your Own Nightmare (Whispering Wild Stories) 4:36
Noothgrush – Thoth (Noothgrush/Coffins split) 9:01
The Body – Failings (self-titled) 8:04
Bushfire – Little Man (Black Ash Sunday) 4:16

Grimpen Mire – The Hollow Wreck (Bastard of the Skies/Grimpen Mire split) 5:47
Monobrow – Starships, Holodecks and Chicken Soup (Bennington Triangle Blues) 5:26
Wo Fat – Phantasmagoria (Noche del Chupacabra) 8:10
Orange Goblin – Time Travelling Blues (A Eulogy for the Fans) 6:43
Serpentine Path – Crotalus Horridus Horridus (self-titled) 6:27



New additions to the station

Our friends from Wizard Eye have signed with Black Monk Records for the release of their new album! In other news, the following stuff is getting added to the station as we speak: new Undersmile (Anhedonia is amazing!), new Acid King, Banda de la Muerte, PORD, AUGURS/ Deathgrave split, Beardmore, Black Mare/ LYCIA, BOSS KONG, Deathwish /wisconsin”, Goetia, Kroh, Howling Giant, Humours, Ides Of Gemini, LEUCROTA, Macerie, Mantra Machine, Hærken, Pohjoinen, Red Mountains, Riwen, Ruby the Hatchet, Space God Ritual, Temnee,TORPOR, Tundra Vibrations, Where the Pavement Ends, Bombear. Thanks to Sentient Ruin Laboratories, Deathbound Records,Kozmikartifactz and everyone else who submitted music.

We suggest you check out all these bands and you can support Grip of Delusion radio by tuning in – choose your prefered method of listening on our website If you want your music played on the station simply contact us at


Pull The Legs Off The Spider, Tear The Wings Off The Fly this Saturday

Pull the legs off the spider, Tear the wings off the fly is the creation of Steve Woodier.
Pull the legs off the spider, Tear the wings off the fly is the creation of Steve Woodier.

via Steve Woodier: “A few thank you’s are in order before I go into the bands being played on Pull The Legs Off The Spider, Tear The Wings Off The Fly on Grip of Delusion Radio this Saturday @ 3pm EST, 9pm CET, 8pm UK.

Firstly a big thanks to Martin J Andersen from the band Blindstone for sorting out some tunes off their recently released ‘Live In Denmark’ album. This has been on heavy rotation both at home and in the car. I can’t get enough of it. Blindstone are a blues based power rock outfit, and have closed their eyes, and taken a deep breath before leaping into the torpid, stagnant waters of the doom, sludge , death metal scene by having a couple of tracks played on Grip of Delusion.

Secondly, a huge thanks goes to Simon Matravers (ex Mourn, Graven Image, Solstice)for providing the track Angelcynn from his new solo project Matravian. Last, but not least, thanks to Hot Beaver for responding so quickly to a request to upload their excellent EP “Vulcan Death Grip” onto Bandcamp.”

Band Order
Pink Floyd, 
Bloodbath, Tombstones, black cobra, Blessed Offal, In From The Cold, Iron Man Band, Matiasu, Birnam Wood, Humulus, Hot Beaver x2, Liblikas, Matravian, Blindstone x2, Troldmand


Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Ep. 8



Below is what Jim included in this month’s episode of Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault, be sure to listen the whole thing for some exciting details about the next edition.  And in case you haven’t heard, Sixty Watt Shaman’s new album “Tabula Rasa” is going to be released in the winter via Ripple Music!

Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Ep. 8 tracklist:

Buzzoven – Frayed
Napalm Death – Victims of Ignorance
All Pigs Must Die – Sermon of the End
Sunburster – Vague Purity
Dorthia Cottrell – Gold
Horse Hunter – Witchery
Punch – Not Sorry
Iced Out – Space Mountain
Valkyrie – Mountain Stomp
Goatsnake – Elevated Man
Acid King – Silent Pictures
Wino – Shot in the Head (Savoy Brown cover)
Sixty Watt Shaman – One Good Leg
Crowbar – I have Failed
Thou – 4th of July
Fudge Tunnel – Creep Diets
Sacred Reich – The American Way
Gorilla Biscuits – Hold Your Ground
Watchtower – Living Heads
Acid Bath – New Death Sensation
Foghound – Truth Revealed
Southern Isolation – Southern Man I Am
Unrest – Anything to Shock
Goatwhore – FBS
RHIN – Man is Bastard
Karma to Burn – Eight
Melvins – The Bit
Omotai – Sea Bitch
Eyehategod – Lack of Almost Everything
Pulling Teeth – Extinction
Hank III – Country Heroes
Black Breath – Feast of the Damned
Acrimony – The Bud Song
Corrections House – Bullets and Graves
MolarBear – Highclops
Year of the Cobra – White Wizard
Crumbsuckers – Live to Work
Spirit Caravan – Darkness and Longing
Foehammer – Stormcrow
Alabama Thunderpussy – Rockin’ Is Ma’ Business
Warren Zevon – My Shit’s Fucked Up



Happy Birthday to Us!

1513736_798162040196194_7006195374566566517_nGrip of Delusion radio is 4 years old today!

Guess this is the time we should thank people so here it is:

First of all, a big thank you to each and everyone of you who tune in to listen and spread the word, to everyone who supports us one way or another.

Thanks to Gary who crated Grip of Delusion radio and made it the awesome station it is today. Unfortunately, Gary got tired of doing radio,  passed the torch, and fortunately created another station you should all go and check out WFNGR 696 Ef Em Radio.

Thanks to all the DJ’s who are or were part of the station.

Thanks to Jeremy Famir.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who sends tunes for us to add to the rotation. Don’t forget that your music is the reason this radio and all the music media exist.