What’s on this weekend on Grip of Delusion radio


Grip of Delusion radio weekend program begins in minutes, we have lots of replays (it’s summer, you know) as well as new shows from The HMD Radio Show, Best Table in Hell and The Very Heavy Uncle Show. Don’t forget the LIVE broadcasts of The Leftovers Show and Doomed & Stoned shows on Sunday. As always, Jeremy Famir is helping with the visuals!

In the meanwhile we’re adding some new music to the station so keep listening and thank you all for the support.

Tune via the player on http://www.gripofdelusion.com/ or via http://tunein.com/radio/Grip-Of-Delusion-Radio-s137870/ on your smartphone or tablet or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address: http://s1.nexuscast.com/tunein/gripofde.pls.

On The HMD Radio Show this week you’ll be listening to
Lumerians – Calalini Rises
Psicomagia – El Memorioso
Baby Woodrose – Let Yourself Go
Yawning Man (Official) – Maolete
The Soft Moon – Parallels
The Spacious Mind – House in The Country
Electric Valley – Ethernaut
Orchid – Helicopters
High On Fire – the Dark Side Of The Compas
Ecstatic Vision – Cross The Divide

If you miss the live stream you can catch the show here: http://bit.ly/HMDRS133

What’s occurring on The Very Heavy Uncle Show Volume 39?   GOBLIN REBIRTH!   What happened to Uncle D.L. at a Drive-In Theater in 1980?   ANEKDOTEN!   The Devil Predicts: Who survives Season 6 of The Walking Dead?    IO EARTH!   Coming Soon: A big fat box of Alice! MAGIC PIE!   Pant-pissing TV comedy from the BBC!   LIQUID SCARLET!   The Devil talks shite and politics!   LA MASCHERA DI CERA!   What’s the official condom of UncleVision Studios?   (the answer may surprise you)   EDGUY!   And more blacklight-fueled progressive rock, metal, comedy and classic rock obscura.  JOIN US!

The Effigies – We’re Da Machine – Remains Nonviewable
Capitol Punishment – Elephant Man – When Putsch Comes to Shove
Sin 34 – Do You Feel Safe? – Do You Feel Safe?
Fang – They Sent Me to Hell C.O.D. – Landshark/Where the Wild Things Are
MDC – My Family is a Little Weird – Millions of Dead Cops
Ludichrist – Fire at the Firehouse – Immaculate Deception
Abrasive Wheels – Danger Danger – When the Punks Go Marching In
Olho Seco – Castidade – Botas, Fuzis e Capacetes (split)
Los Ass-Draggers – College Radio Shit – Abbey Roadkill
Space Cretins – Guantanamo Bay – Rocket Roll
The Creamers – Trail of Ruined Days – Stick It In Your Ear
D Generation – Scorch – No Lunch
OFF! – Over Our Heads – Wasted Years
HeadOns – Allting – Pa Svenska
The Dickies – Pretty Please Me – Stukas Over Disneyland
Fear – I Don’t Care About You – The Record
Adolescents – L.A. Girl – Adolescents
Neurosis – United Sheep – The Word As Law
To Damascus – Slam Den – Succumb
Humble Gods – Fucked Up – Humble Gods
Standard & Poor – Middle Earth – What’s in the Big Black Bag?
The Saints – One Way Street – (I’m) Stranded
Avengers – The American In Me – Avengers
The Plugz – Mindless Contentment – Electrify Me
Tune in on Grip or go HERE for more.
Check out the full schedule on the Schedule page.




What’s occurring? TIAMAT! Uncle’s clown-phobia: The ultimate test! SYLVAN! A 14-CD live box set that’s NOT from The Grateful Dead! CORVUS STONE! The Devil’s joke-book steps WAY over the line! UNREAL CITY! Podcasting tips for the timid. VANDEN PLAS! FIVE new countries take the field in Audrey’s World Series! BLACK WIDOW! Comedy from EDDIE IZZARD…and a WAY-off-format musical tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Join us at 10pm EST / 4am CET


Super Rock Sunday this Sunday at 12am EST/ 6am CET

This week’s Super Rock Sunday playlist:
Goatwhore “Invert the Virgin”  The Eclipse of Ages Into Black
Black Breath “Fatal Error” Razor to Oblivion E.P.
Scissorfight “Balls Deep” Balls Deep
Honky “Buckle Bunny” Balls Out Inn
Danzig “It’s Coming Down” Thrall-Demonsweat
Cancer Bats “Satellites” Searching for Zero
Saviours “God’s End” Death’s Procession
High on Fire “Slave the Hive” Luminiferous
Moth “Travel Light” And Then Rise
Villains “Lunatic Drinks” Never Abandon the Slut Train
Failure “Snow Angel” Heart is A Monster
Acid King “Laser Headlights” Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere
Lucifer “A Grave For Each One Of Us” Lucifer I
Will Haven “The Comet” Open the Mind to Discomfort
Conan “Gravity Chasm” Blood Eagle
Fistula “This Is Sodom, Not L.A.” Ignorant Weapon
Refused “Elektra” Freedom
The Atomic Bitchwax “Fuck Face” Gravitron
Fight Amp “Survival is Strange” Constantly Off
The Gates of Slumber “Broken on the Wheel” From the Ultima Thule
Strauss “Trigger” Strauss E.P.
Down “This Work is Timeless” Down IV Part 1-the Purple Ep
Mutoid Man “Sweet Ivy” Bleeder
Hot Lunch “China Banks” Slappy Sunday EP
New Bomb Turks “Sammer’d” Switchblade Tongues, Butterknife Brains
Deathhammer “Satan is Back” Evil Power
Fueled By Fire “Obliterartion” Trapped In Perdition
Parasytic “Feast of Fools” Relapse Records: 25 Years of Contamination
Zimmer’s Hole “Evil Robots” Legion of Flames


Get your different fix with Best Table In Hell today at 7pm EST/ 1am CET

Best Table In Hell, Joe Syph and his weekly punk  /hardcore/skate/noise show
Best Table In Hell, Joe Syph and his weekly punk /hardcore/skate/noise show
What you can listen today on Best Table in Hell 274
B.G.K. – Pray For Peace and Kill For Christ – Jonestown Aloha!
Entropy – Boddicker – Out of Spite
Hard-Ons – Squathouse – Smell My Finger
Ed Gein’s Car – Consider Being True – Naked Man 7”
The Living End – Roll On – Roll On
Das Klown – Blow Yer Self – Holy Crap!
Sky Penis – Innocent Gratification – Demo
Animal Train – Welcome to the Commonwealth – Chicken Burn ep
Chaotic Dischord – Cider n’ Dogs – Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You!
Pantychrist – Rock n’ Roll – Never Love Anything
Hanson Brothers – Road Pizza – Gross Misconduct
Real McKenzies – Catch Me – Rats in the Burlap
X – Johnny Hit and Run Pauline – Los Angeles
Jesus Chrysler – My Bars – This Year’s Savior
Who Killed Spikey Jacket? – No More Pigs – Who Killed Spikey Jacket?
Battallion of Saints – Thru With You – Death-R-Us
Citizens Patrol – Social Skills – Citizens Patrol
Snap-Her – Jimmy Gestapo – It Smells, It Burns, It Stings…
Really Red – Too Political – Teaching You The Fear
Opposition Rising – The Rich Are Killing the Poor – Aftermathematics
Dissension – Sole Survivor – Why Work For Death?
Public Nusiance – Swallow This – Alcohol Rub Out
Government Warning – Jocks and Cops – No Moderation
F.U.G. – She Buys Amphetamines – Sumus Animalia
Black Market Baby – Downward Christian Soldier – Senseless Offerings

Coming up at 3pm EST/ 9pm CET: Pull The Legs Off The Spider, Tear The Wings Off The Fly

Pull the legs off the spider, Tear the wings off the fly is the creation of Steve Woodier.
Pull the legs off the spider, Tear the wings off the fly is the creation of Steve Woodier.

This Saturday Steve is playing a selection of tunes from some exciting up and coming bands. It starts off with the raw, but devastating sludge of Doperider, followed by the riff heavy groove of Scottish band Aye-Aye. He will also be playing a yet to be released track from the awesome Clouds Taste Satanic and the fixation with underground Doom continues with a track from Surrogate Prey from their split with Death After Birth.
Pull the legs Off the Spider, Tear the Wings Off the Fly 3pm EST, 9pm CET, 8pm UK
Playlist featuring: DopeRider, Aye-aye, Clouds Taste Satanic, Death After Birth, Surrogate Prey, Su19b, Shallow Void, Black Mountain Thunder,  Charger,  Sub Secret Rocket, Keepleer 18, Scumchrist, Thou.


Someone died under the wheels of the train… Live

This band was amazing and criminally underrated. “Alguien Murió Bajo Las Ruedas Del Tren​.​.​. En Directo” is live album that catches the last concert of Viaje a 800 in Andalucía. It is also available on vinyl HERE


Today on Grip of Delusion radio

Now playing LIVE: The Leftovers Show​

At 10am EST/ 4pm CET/ 3pm UK time we continue with the newest addition to the station Geoff Leppard’s Heavy Psych Show. Featuring tracks from Gonga, Kadavar, The Heads, Hookworms and more.

Coming up after that Into The Void’s Dirty Black Summer at 11am EST/ 5pm CET. The Forest Floor is at 4pm EST/ 10pm CET and right after that at 6pm EST/ 12am CET is Episode 172 of Gruesome Tunes, jam-packed with lengthy tracks from Ichabod, Beneath Oblivion, Premonition 13, Megalodoom and Wight, including a 20-minute epic from Obelyskkh! Last (but not least) on today’s program is Billy and Doomed & Stoned show at 8pm EST/ 2am CET.

Tune in at any time via the player on http://www.gripofdelusion.com/ or via http://tunein.com/radio/Grip-Of-Delusion-Radio-s137870/ on your smartphone or tablet or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address: http://s1.nexuscast.com/tunein/gripofde.pls


Gruesome Tunes this evening at 6pm EST/ midnight CET

This evening’s edition of Gruesome Tunes features plenty of post-sludge from the likes of Neurosis, Rising, Corrections House, Cokegoat and The Body and heavy rocking tunes from a range of artists including Mos Generator, King Giant, Orange Goblin and Dixie Witch. Tune in and drop out from 6 to 8 pm Eastern Time (or at midnight CET) only on Grip of Delusion radio or look back for the show download link some time next week!