Super Rock Sunday this weekend

Listen Super Rock Sunday in the very beginning of the Sunday – at 12am EST/ 6am CET or check out the podcast here:
High on Fire “10,000 Years” The Art of Self Defense
Lucifer “Sabbath” Lucifer I
Black Sabbath “The Mob Rules” Mob Rules
Sheavy “Echo in the Skull” Disfigurine
Orchid “See You on the Other Side” The Mouths of Madness
Slo Burn “Muesli” Amusing the Amazing
Weedeater “Joseph (All Talk)” Goliathan
Unearthly Trance “Black Heart/Black Lung” Season Of Seance, Science Of Silence
Internal Void “After the Storm” Unearthed
Muddy Waters “I Just Want To Make Love To You” Electric Mud
Monster Magnet “Black Mastermind” Spine of God
China White “Nightlife” Danger Zone
G.B.H. “The Prayer of A Realist” City Baby Attacked By Rats
Nail bomb “Blind and Lost” Point Blank
Unsane “Don’t” Wreck
Breach “Deadheads” ?
Killer Be Killed “Snakes of Jehovah” Killer Be Kiled
Quicksand “Omission” Slip
Will Haven “Jaworski” WHVN
Coffins “Reborn” Perpetual Penance
Fuzzgod “Mental Meltdown” Fuzzgod
Mickey Finn/The Vibrators “VoodooEye” On the Guest List
Zen Guerilla “Gospel Tent” Invisible ‘Liftee’ Pad
Bloody Hammers “Black Magic” Bloody Hammers
Black Moth Cult “Rain in Savannah” The Fountain of Tantric Worship
Magnetic Mountain “Don’t Care” Lodestone Sanctuary
Satan “Incantations” Life Sentence
Huntress “Alpha Tauri” Starbound Beast


Best Table In Hell this week

Best Table In Hell, Joe Syph and his weekly punk  /hardcore/skate/noise show
Best Table In Hell, Joe Syph and his weekly punk /hardcore/skate/noise show
Best Table in Hell 277 at 7pm EST/ 1am CET on Grip of Delusion or go here:
General Fucking Principal – F.T.W.S. – Best at It’s Worst
Scheisse Minnelli – Let the Pig Out – Best at It’s Worst
Doggy Style – Family Man – Don’t Hit Me Up
Faction – Tongue Like a Battering Ram – Collection 82-85
Skate Death – Rosary – You Break It, You Buy It
Hypnotics – Weird People – Indoor Fiends
Los Olvidados – Home is Where… – Listen to This
Stalag 13 – Conditioned – In Control
Duane Peters & The Hunns – Hate n’ Love – Tickets To Heaven
Slam – Time is Hitting – End of Laughter
The Loud Ones – Ultimate Skate Chick – Time to Skate
Agression – Don’t Be Mistaken – Grind Kings
Beyond Possession – Dying Fast – Is Beyond Possession
N.O.T.A. – Moscow – 7”
Executioner – Why War? – Anthology
The Boardlords – Kick in the Head – Wax Museum
Spermbirds – Your Problem – Nothing is Easy
Rollin’ Mud – Gotta Get Away – Live @ the Longhorn Practice Space
Revolution Mother – Switchblades and Urethane – Glory Bound
Boneless Ones – I’m a Skater – Skate For the Devil
RKL – Life’s a Gamble – Keep Laughing

Skatenigs – I Got it Made – Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed


HMD Radio Show this week



On The HMD Radio Show this week he’s drinking Eight Degrees Brewing – Nomad, Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. – Hadouken, and the tunes are:

Brutus – Personal Riot
Slomatics – Ulysses, My Father
Headless Kross – Even The Destroyed Things Have Been Destroyed
Kyuss – Hurricane
Metallica – The Small Hours
Pantera – Primal Concrete Sledge
Neurosis – Eye
AC/DC – Highway to hell
Church of Misery Official – Filthy Bitch Boogie
Orchid – Sign of the Witch
Shepherd – Turdspeak
Venus Sleeps – I Am The Night

Tune in at 8am EST/ 2pm CET  or if you miss the live stream you can check the show here


This Saturday on The Very Heavy Uncle Show V.40


What’s occurring? CANDLEMASS! Where the hell is the cinnamon toothpaste?!? THE VINTAGE CARAVAN! Halloween candy in August: The Devil Weighs In.  GHOST B.C.! Why you can’t drool over Sofia Vergara on Blu-Ray. ARKAN! The Devil’s joke book takes another crack at gingers! MOUNTAIN! Uncle D.L.’s Bad Movie Diary: Page 2.    DUNWICH!    We remember 1974: How NOT to pick up chicks at the Drive-In Theater.    PLUS: Celtic comedy from ARDAL O’HANLON!   And… more lava lamp-fueled prog rock, metal, comedy and classic rock obscura!   Join us at 10pm EST/ 4am CET


New this weekend on Grip of Delusion radio

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This weekend tune in for new shows from The Wicked Lady Show, Best Table in Hell, Into The Void – A Sonic Fanzine and Gruesome Tunes, also Billy and Doomed & Stoned go LIVE on Sunday. And there’s a lot more to be heard via the player on or via on your smartphone or tablet or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address:

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