Monday afternoon rant

Monday afternoon rant: Very often, people in bands ask us to check their music or share a song or a video or news. Most of the time we reply that we are radio station and not a reposting service but often offer to promote the said band or their album or tour through the radio. For free. All we ask for is 30 sec sound clip that everyone can record on their phone. One out of ten bothers to do it. Yes, it is easier to copy-paste a text that asks for attention but please don’t lose our time if you can’t bother to move your finger a little.

You’ll find more stuff that annoys us here:…/a-short-guide-on-what-grip…/

If you do need some free promotion though, please contact us.


New show this Friday: Ten Rupees


We’re happy to welcome the newest addition to the station: Baku Manishi and his show Ten Rupees. Baku is from Germany and Ten Rupees will contain two hours of “psychedelic, weed, metal, punk and specifics on the edge of madness in the spirit of Grip of Delusion radio”. For now the show will be on once a month on Fridays at 3pm EST/ 9pm CET.

You can listen for the first time this Friday, here’s the tracklist for this week:

  1. Jingle Ten Rupees

2. Matushka Mother Volga

3. Radio Moscow No Good Woman

4. Föllakzoid Trees

5. La Piramide De Sanguee Reggio Galassia/Esoterica

6. Clawfinger The Truth

7. Tenger Cavalry- War Horse

8. Turbund Sturmwerk Auflösung

9. Amon Düül Frecuency

10. Aristocats Everybody wants to be a cat

11. Hang Massive Once again

  1. My Sleeping Karma Moksha

13. Shpongle The Seventh Revelation

  1. The Vintage Caravan Expand your mind

15. Cthulhu How….

16. Nechayevschina Yeniceri

17. Dust Eater Dogs Motor