Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Ep. 13 “The Halloween Show” at 9am EST/ 2pm CET

This show, apart from being a Halloween special, is dedicated to Frank Watkins of Obituary. This is how it looks like and who collaborated:
Demon Eye – I’ll be Creeping,
Rigor Mortis – Foaming at the Mouth,
Black Urn – Teat of the Baphomet 12.02
Eyehategod – Depress,
Weedeater – Good Luck and God Speed,
Jenna Carrol:
Church of Misery – Chains of Death,
Acid Witch – Broomstick Bitch,
Mel Robbins:
Necrophagia – Blood Freak,
Rocky Erikson – Night of the Vampire
Aaron Wall:
Tombs – Seven Stars the Angel of Death,
Dragged into Sunlight – Boiled Angel,
Bob Sipes (Foghound):
Lucero – Nights like these,
John Stewart – California Town,
Todd Ingram (King Giant + Serpents of Secrecy):
Saturnalia Temple – Aion of Drakon,
Zoroaster – Brazen Bull
Dee Setter (Foghound):
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath,
AC/DC – Night Prowler,
Tom Stritzinger + Angela Douglas:
Clutch – Sucker for the Witch,
Electric Wizard – Dunwhich,
Fantomas – Rosemary’s Baby,
Slayer – Hell Awaits,
Chuck Rock Dukehart (Foghound + Serpents of Secrecy):
With the Dead – Living With the dead
Bask – Shake the Soot from your boots
Renee Powers:
Obituary – Circle of the Tyrants,
Nunslaughter – Guts of Christ,
Brad Brains:
Cult of Occult – Blurry and Muzzle,
Black Sheep Wall – Nihilist,
Al “Yeti” Bones (Gypsy Chief Goliath + Serpents of Secrecy):
Biblical – Under Duress, 4л41
GypsyHawk – GypsyHawk,
WeedisWeed – WeedisWeed
Samhain – To Walk the Night,
King Diamond – Halloween,
Screaming Jay Hawkins – I put a Spell on You


More accurate schedule for today, Sunday Oct 25th

More accurate schedule for today because of Europe’s switching to winter time and Vania being an idiot: Chris is rocking the waves with The Leftovers show LIVE at the moment, Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Ep. 13 The Halloween Show will start at 9am EST/ 2pm CET, Into The Void show begins at 12pm EST/ 5pm CET, 4pm EST/ 9pm CET – The Forest Floor, 6pm EST/ 11am CET – Gruesome Tunes and 8pm EST/ 1am CET – Doomed & Stoned.

This only if you’re waiting for a certain show,otherwise simply tune in and listen!


Saturday Oct 24th notes. People come and people go, we’re staying

Starting this weekend Ten Rupees, our newest show, is in a new time slot – 1pm EST/ 7pm CET on Saturday. Also don’t miss Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Ep. 13 on Sunday, again as a collaborative work, again in two parts and dedicated to Frank Watkins of Obituary. Details on what else you can listen to follow.

Also, please have in mind that on Sunday Europe’s clocks switch to winter time and the schedule is going to be a bit messed up. Just count EST time + 6 hours to form CET time. Messed up, as we said and it would be easier to be tuned in the whole day.

Loaded and ready to rock your Saturday are new The HMD Radio Show, The Wicked Lady Show, Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, Ten Rupees and Best Table in Hell as well as repeats of Electric Beard Of Doom and The Very Heavy Uncle Show.

Check out how to tune in on the left of this page.

Though it’s been like that for a while, we’re sad to announce that Steve is not doing Pull The Legs Off The Spider, Tear The Wings Off The Fly for the time being and Ed is not doing Amplifier Worship anymore but has a new path to follow so expect news on this soon. All the available slots are on the schedule and we’re always open for your suggestions to fill them. Doom on!


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And here’s a picture of animals with good taste in cloths and music.



We are still alive note

The box on the left on our facebook page says “0% response rate, 1 day or more to respond” but this doesn’t mean we don’t read all e-mails sent to our submissions e-mail We read everything and take into consideration all the music, it just may take some time to respond and to put your music to the rotation. Thanks to everyone who have contacted us and most of all to all you listeners who tune in from all over the world (from 38 unique countries in the last 48 hours to be precise!) – this really means a lot!

Please don’t forget that we have the most superb heavy shows on our weekend program, all the info and links you can find on this website . Doom on!