Introducing: In The Grip Of 24 Hours Heavy Rotation feature!

Introducing Grip of Delusion Radio In The Grip Of 24 Hours Heavy Rotation feature!

Staring today, each Monday Grip of Delusion radio is going to feature one heavy album in a more “heavy” rotation. This means you’re going to hear tracks off this album very often in a 24 hours period. These albums may not be new, perhaps will be albums submitted for airplay or will be my favourites or who knows.

We start with “Bastard” by RHIN, and you can already hear it when you tune in. Purchase it from Grimoire Records on CD and cassette here:



Sunday lazy Sunday on Grip of Delusion radio!

Grip of Delusion radio Sunday  schedule looks like this:
11am EST/ 5pm CET – Into The Void Radio Pt. 2 of Rikard Edlunds (ex-Graveyard) run as guest DJ (repeat)
1pm EST/ 7pm CET – Rev. Jim’s Arcane Assault Ep. 14 (repeat)
6pm EST/ 12am CET – Gruesome Tunes (new)
8pm EST/ 2am CET – Doomed & Stoned show – LIVE Broadcast
It’s not much but it’s all from the heart. The rest is filled with our ever expanding general rotation and complete lack of stupid advertisements.

Tune in and invite all your friends! Listen via the player on or via on your smartphone or tablet or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address:


Tune in! What’s on Grip of Delusion radio this Saturday


As always, this weekend our beloved DJ’s offer excellent heavy music selection, and Grip of Delusion offers occasional general rotation inclusions. Consult with the schedule, grab a book and/ or a beer and tune in! Listen via the player on the left or via on your smartphone or tablet or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address:

In case you miss something, fear not – just go to the Shows page and see how you can connect with each show.

So, this is what’s up:

On The HMD Radio Show this week he’s drinking Naparbier – Pale Ale, Robinsons Brewery – 9 Hop IPA (6%) and the tunes are by
Faith No More, Mondo Drag, Danzig, Motörhead, Slomatics, Zombi, Mother Mooch, The Moth Gatherer and Mammatus

The Wicked Lady Show #102 is a special show featuring only three bands. Zaum, Snailking and Galvano.

Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe show is featuring  new releases from Clouds Taste Satanic, Serpent, Tuna de Tierra, Undskyld & Haikai No Ku + Mugstar, Jerusalem & Hedvig Mollestad Trio.

Ten Rupees 6 features Matushka, German Oak, Nirvana, Shoggoth On The Roof, The Machine, Weltraum, Amon Duul II, Damon, Destroy All Monsters, Pussy Riot, Screeming Females, Eläkeläiset, Weed, Life, Current 93, Siena Root,  Sula Bassana, Philip Glass and Fun.

Pull The Legs Off The Spider, Tear The Wings Off The Fly is Chile special, with tracks by Ruina, Infame, SANGRIA, BICEFALO, El Gran Temor, Procession, at devil dirt, ELECTROZOMBIES, Bilis Negra, Ocultum and LACRA. No track too heavy, No song too long, No riff too slow.

On Electric Beard of Doom Pat plays Eagles of Death Metal, Wo Fat,  Dirty Streets, Dunbarrow, The Black Wizards, Salem’s Pot, Lonely Camel, Mothership and more.

On Best Table In Hell Joe plays Oxley’s Midnight Runners, Anger Flares, Hooligan, Vanilla Muffins, Contingent Anonyme, Hawkins Thugs, The Clichés, Gimp Fist, Harrington Saints, The Shrine, Wrong Beach, Sun Giants, Bad Brains, Adolescents, Worst, Agent Orange,Youth Brigade, Turbonegro, Plasmatics and Stench.

And finally, The Very Heavy Uncle Show in Uncle Dee’s style: What’s occurring? GAZPACHO! What’s neither fish, nor fowl, nor avocado? RIVERSIDE! What to do when The Pied Piper won’t make a house call. AMBERIAN DAWN! Why Bohemian Rhapsody was an 8-track nightmare. NAD SYLVAN! Circumcised Uncle on the web? (No, not on YouPorn.) NAZARETH! The Devil makes more fun of your mother’s “glandular condition.” ZOMBI! What’s so funny about Germaine, Aretha & Yoko? TUSMORKE! Classic comedy from BRIAN REGAN! And more sandalwood-powered prog rock, metal, comedy and classic rock obscura. JOIN US!