Greetings doomers and gloomers! This weekend’s schedule….

…… can be seen below and you can listen here or via on your smartphone or tablet or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address:

If you miss a show, go to the Shows tab on our web page and follow the respective link – most of the shows are available to listen on demand elsewhere. Since the radiotuna player on the site is not displaying track info correctly, you can check what is playing at the moment in the Current Track section below until I figure out what is going on. Thanks for listening!



Weekend! And btw, very soon this thing here will be 5 years old!

It is weekend and I couldn’t make a fancy picture with the schedule but the schedule is here and you’ve got a lot to lose if your don’t tune in. Pick up a show and tune in or simply tune in anytime you want and let the music take you away.

By the way, in a little more than a month this thing here will be 5 years old. I found this “about” that perhaps Gary Boss wrote back then, you tell me if the idea is preserved:
“April 1st, 2011 this thing here roared into life. The idea from the very start was to be a place where the listener just tuned in and spent hour after hour enjoying the music you wouldn’t hear on the standard radio environment.
24/7 sludge, stoner and doom with some smatterings of heavy psych, rock, punk, death, drone, funeral doom and even a couple of grind bands. Some of the music you will find pleasing and other bands will scare the shit out of you and that is because, sometimes music hurts, but it’s all guaranteed to be about that glorious riff.
We could be flashier, we could spend a lot of time and money on the gimmicks to get you in, but we don’t need it. Hit that play button.
Best of all, it’s completely FREE!”


What’s on Grip of Delusion this Sunday, Feb 14th

Today on Grip of Delusion radio we have a few special specials for you:
– HeavyPsych Rock Show is Cover Version Special. What does this mean? Find out at 10am EST/ 4pm CET/ 3pm UK time
– In Vol. 56 of Into The Void Radio, in addition to all the rock’n’roll, Magnus did an interview with with Amy and Jon from Year of the Cobra. Listen at 11am EST/ 5pm CET.
– In 3pm EST/ 9pm CET Black Sun of the South in called No Love Day. No idea why.
– Unfortunately tonight’s Episode 200 is meant to be the last episode of Gruesome Tunes. Hopefully Greg will decide to come back but till then – THANK YOU for sticking with us and good luck! Tune in tonight at 6pm EST/ 12am CET for Top 20 Gruesome Tunes of All Time
– Billy’s Doomed & Stoned LIVE BROADCAST begins around 8pm EST/ 2am CET. Be there.
We are here:


This weekend our program contains…

…….. a brand new show and high quality mixes by our well-known extra-fine DJ’s and podcasters. As always, thank you for listening – it means a lot!

See the schedule below and tune in via the player on or via on your smartphone or tablet or use winamp, vlc or foobar with the stream address: Do it!