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Grip Of Delusion Radio, founded 1st April 2011. Broadcasting 24/7 the finest sounds from the heavy underground.

Our mission is simple, we play good music.

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. One of the best radio stations I’ve ever heard. Thank you for playing some of the most darkest and heaviest songs ever written!

  2. Hello There!This is Tolis Toleas drummer for the Greek Metal band Potergeist.I would like to send you our new album for a review from your site.Looking forward for your responce.Thank you in advance. Tolis

  3. I live in France and i listen you all days. I searched a long time to find a good radio like yours.
    long life to GODRadio.

  4. Just found this station today, and well, it might be the best one I’ve ever discovered! Count me in as a daily listener from now on and keep up the great work, it is really appreciated!

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24/7 Streaming the finest sounds from the heavy underground