Our current schedule:


11am EST/ 5pm CET – The Wicked Lady Show (DEU)

12pm EST/ 6pm CET – Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe (BEL)

1pm EST/ 7pm CET – Vacant slots

4pm EST/ 10pm CET – HMD Radio Show (IRL)

5pm EST/ 11pm CET- Electric Beard Of Doom (USA)

7pm EST/ 1am CET – Best Table In Hell (USA)

8pm EST/ 2am CET – Vacant Slot

10pm EST/ 4am CET –¬†The Very Heavy Uncle Show (USA)


12am EST/ 6am CET – Super Rock Sunday (USA)

10am EST/ 4pm CET РAtom Heart Mutha with Geoff Leppard (UK) (every second Sunday of the month, repeat the weekend after)

11am EST/ 5pm CET – Into The Void (SWE)

12pm EST/ 6pm CET – Desertscene Podcast (UK)

3pm EST/ 9pm CET – Vacant slots

6pm EST/ 12am CET – Doomed & Stoned (USA)



3 thoughts on “Schedule”

  1. I find it disheartening that I am unable to listen and support your show because of there is not support for my device.

  2. If your device supports the VLC media player app then you can stream the channel with it.
    If you try to open the stream through your browser, you may have to associate the link with the VLC app.

    Alternatively, within the app you have an option to play a stream.
    Simply add this addy to the address bar and Bob’s your uncle.

    Yes I’m aware how old this op is, I replied in case others might be having trouble playing the stream.

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