602541_640845722594494_536226749_nBands and Labels, follow these simple rules: make sure your tracks are in MP3 format, not less than 320 kbps and properly tagged. Properly tagged means they have all metadata needed so the track can be separated from rest of the tracks in the big pool of tunes. It also helps listeners see what is playing at the moment. Please make our life easier!

You can submit your music by sending download links or separate tracks to or the form below. 

In case you have a new release coming up or tour you want to promote, hit us up and we’ll see what we can do to make our listeners aware of this.

Unfortunately we cannot tell you specific times your music gets aired (unless we do a very special special for you), but know that when it hits the bowl, someone around the world is hearing it! Unfortunately we can’t review your albums, you’ll find some nice places who do so HERE

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